Wednesday 2 September 2015

Lake Boats continued Part 2

I drew a blank trying to identify this yellow boat, there was a fleet of them at St Gilgen on the Wolfgangsee, the hull has the look of a 12 Meter Sharpie, but the tall Bermudan sail definitely isn't.

Below, is this one of those classes that occurs around the world, each purpose-built for the specific location they sail in, ultra lightweight boat and with unfeasible large sail plan?

Needle thin and a towering mast presumably evolved for the relatively light winds and flat waters, it would be a blast to sail on one.

A modern interpretation on a similar theme the Esse 850, conceived to be sailed easily single-handed or by a small crew at fast speed without the ship heeling too much, the class became popular in the Swiss lakes and now has international fleets.

I guess there will be people saying it's a boat for middle aged men, I can see the attraction some fast, spirited sailing without too much drama.


  1. As someone who has just qualified for his B&Q Diamond Card and my Winter Heating Allowance I can see the benefits too.

  2. The yellow boat is a Zugvogel (Migratory Bird), specifically, a Kielzugvogel, the keel version, as distinguished from a Schwertzugvogel, the centerboard model.

    The long-ended, varnished boat is an older model of the Sonder class


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