Monday 31 August 2015

Lake Boats

As a sailor on holiday and far from the sea, the lakes near Salzburg provide a nice surprise to see some very interesting boats.

The Yngling class of keel boat appears to be popular in Austria, we saw fleets on a few of the lakes.

There were more than a few Dragons on the water, this varnished one being a particularly nice example.

No idea what this was but it looked very fast and well developed for sailing the flat waters of the lakes.

There were even a few local gaffers.


  1. Interesting photographs. The last photo of the small gaff rigged yacht reminded me of a boat I googled lately - the Crowninshield designed Wianno Senior class popular on the East Coast of the United States - a very pretty boat.

  2. Whoops, that's incorrect the Wianno was designed by Horace Manley Crosby who was a member of the Crosby family, noted for building the famous Crosby catboats.
    Crowninshield designed some beautiful boats but not this one.

  3. The large, fast-looking boat with an "S" insignia belongs to the historic Sonderklasse (Special Class). You can read about them here:
    (includes a page in English)

  4. Peter- thank you that's a very interesting class


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