Friday 18 September 2015


Erica's SCOW Lollipop finally hit the water in August. It's been a long, a much too long restoration since I bought what we believe may be the oldest fiberglass SCOW ( originally built in Nottingham in the early 1950's).

I was thinking that with a quick coat of paint and replacement of the broken woodwork, she would soon be sailing again pretty soon, but that was 5 years ago. Work, house building and life generally all got in the way.

A bit like the hammer with two new handles and a new head. there isn't much of the old boat left (or worth saving) beyond the hull, deck and some of the old interior wood.

I tried to keep things as simple as possible, but couldn't help myself when it came to Spectra rigging and running gear.

Launch day saw very light winds, but she sailed really nicely and surprisingly for  first trip out everything worked and nothing broke.What was really pleasing was the number of admiring comments we got.

Here's a reminder of how she arrived back in 2010 almost 5 years to the day.


  1. Congratulations Max on an excellent restoration. I am presuming this is a West Wight Scow?
    I have a book by Jack Coote 'Classic One-Designs' which features the WWScow (The choice of Susan Hiscock in her later years). The Scow in Cootes book has a jib but the boats look the same.

  2. Well done, she looks great. Old Scows are given a time allowance against the new wonder Scows, so you should do well if you race her at Keyhaven. Lovely rig should make her go well.

  3. Alden, SCOW's have been built in the Solent under a variety of prefixes -

    see here

    Mine was built in Nottingham by an aircraft component company, and looks very similar to both the Beaulieau and Lymington SCOWs and probably the AVON Scows. I was corrected recently by someone who pointed out that the Keyhaven SCOW as bullt by West Solent Boatbuilders has a clinker hull.

    But I think you're right that the boat has West solent origins except of course that SCOWs were built in Burnham on Crouch!!

    Brian thanks for that advice I would like to take her to keyhaven to race.

  4. Erica's scow; Joe will have fun with it; good excuses!


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