Thursday 30 May 2013


Over on Boat Bits, Rob aka Loose Moose posted a bit of a polemic about ferro boats. I have to say I'm in agreement of what he has to say. He then went on to feature a Peter Ibold designed Endurance 35 as an example of the type.

The only problem was the Endurance in the picture picture isn't ferro, I know because it was my boat Angelina, the photo was taken by me on her Hamble river mooring when I first got her back from the South of France  in 2000.

I dropped Rob a quick note and being a good sort (and well worth a read) he's replaced it with a picture of the genuine article (although I have to say not nearly so pretty an example).

For the record Angelina was built in GRP (polyester to the locals) by a small yard called Stratimar on the Canal de Midi near Bezier, I bought her in France and brought her back to England, she was a great cruising boat, if a little under canvassed.

We sold he onto a new owner who keeps her over on the East coast near Ipswich.

Listening to Billericay Dickie

Saturday 25 May 2013

SCOW Tender

I've been thinking that once the restoration of Erica's SCOW is finished it might make a handy tender, easy to tow and just the thing for exploring an anchorage. Seems that I'm not alone.

Of course I was thinking of towing the SCOW, but why not on davits if you have the space.

We were in a bit of a hurry or I would have stopped by for a chat and find out more, this looks to be built in GRP with simulated clinker and very nice it looks too. With what looks to be the sails and spars nicely stowed aboard.

Monday 20 May 2013

Be careful what you Google

I confess to not knowing much about the motorboat scene, but I seem to recall "Ribbed for Pleasure" was an advertising slogan for a well know brand of condoms.

Might throw up some interesting search results on google.

Friday 17 May 2013

Norwegian Pram

If you walk around the RAF Yacht Club dinghy compound you will see the usual mix of tenders, inflatables, polypropylene dinghies and more than a few grp boats ranging from brand new to nearly derelict. So it was nice to see this Norwegian Pram (or should it be Praam) being launched down the slip way.

A quick chat with the owner revealed that it's just been through a restoration. Unfortunately I'd left my camera aboard Matilda Emilie so this was the only shot I managed to get, looks like it rows along very nicely.

Sunday 12 May 2013

Camera shake

Shame about the wonky horizon and slightly out of focus, I would clearly benefit from attending a Rick Tomlinson master class like fellow blogger Captain JP or even just letting go of the tiller and holding the camera steady.

Quite modest as super yachts go, flying a defaced Norwegian flag.

Friday 10 May 2013

Floating bridge

Which ferries foot passengers and cars between East and West Cowes is a familiar sight to anyone travelling up the Medina River by boat, when the yellow lights start to flash and the chains start to clank over the rollers it's a good idea to hold back and give way.

Just as interesting is to take the ferry across from East Cowes, foot passengers travel free and the passenger area is decorated with artwork and poems from local people and schools.

Sunday was the annual Around the Island cycle event the Randonne, a 66 mile ride around the Isle of Wight. As we got off the ferry in West Cowes we were greeted by a wave of riders, rather than the half dozen of so cars, what seemed to be around 100 cyclists crowed on to cross the river for the next leg of the event to Ryde (no pun intended) and then on to Bembridge.

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Gone Fishing

Spectacular weather and a holiday weekend, what else would you rather be doing?

The early morning fog on Monday soon lifted to clear skies and sunshine, who cares if we didn't actually catch very much.

Friday 3 May 2013

Matilda Emily

I haven't written much about Matilda Emily since her launch last March, what with one thing and another we didn't actually get around to sailing her that much last season and with a major building project under way since the start of the year she's been a little neglected.

With a fine weekend in prospect and Joseph and mum going off to the theatre for a birthday treat I took the opportunity to give her a scrub and general clean up.

It was the smallest neap tide of the year so I was a little heart in mouth approaching the scrubbing bay at the RAFYC, I shouldn't have worried, the gauge is measured from the very top of the scrubbing bay where it meets the wall and there was ample water, plus I had the scrubbing dock to myself, just one of the advantages of lifting keel, shallow draft.

Time was a little tight between the water going out, pressure washing and getting the hull dry enough for a coat of anti foul, but with the tide lapping back in around my ankles I got the last paint on and the masking tape off.

Even with a neap tide we floated off more than two hours before HW and Matilda Emily was back on her mooring, ready for the season.

Fingers crossed for some good weather.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Hamble River Cadets

Hamble River sailing Club held their first cadet session of the season on what was a cold and overcast Saturday morning. Despite the weather there was a good turn out. Joseph was among the youngsters who were along for their first sail in an Optimist, or rather the polypropylene plastic version apprpriately nicknamed a "Plopi".

We parents stood (and shivered) anxiously from the shore watching as a bunch of 4 and five year old's sailed off across the river.

But we need not have worried each went with the very capable skipper in charge, sailing Joseph around the course was Rebecca, both were having a great time in the blustery conditions and getting very competitive.

The morning was a success, it was all smiles and "when can we go again?"