Friday, 3 April 2020

Lockdown Daily Exercise & Masks

The current dilemma is where to take the allowed daily exercise?

Shortly before the lock down we were out in the New Forest, with social distancing being practiced we didn't get within 50 feet of other passing walkers.

Hence the sometime heated discussions and even the man who was fined, over whether people should be allowed to drive to somewhere to take a walk.

I'm conscious that we're really fortunate to have the river and sea on our doorstep, but those living in a city or a high rise getting out to wide open spaces can undoubtedly be beneficial to both health and mind. The risk of spreading infection of a car journey followed by keeping an extended safe distance would appear to me very low.

An update from colleagues in Hong Kong, new social distancing guideline for the pubs have been announced (yes they remain open)which  limit four people to a table and a minimum distance apart. The HK subway the MTR has been open throughout the crisis and I'm becoming firmly of the opinion hat the almost universal wearing of face masks in HK has been a significant contributor to arresting the spread especially of those who have the virus breathing capturing the virus as they breath out.

While buying masks in the UK is still very difficult and essential that those mask which are available should go to front line, so I made a few of these - every little helps right?

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Yachting magazines

A New Zealand friend Russ, used to make fun of the English yachting press for running articles like "I went out to check my mooring ". Given that he's sailed around the world and some of the worst weather imaginable, I guess it was a fair point.

Anyway to celebrate what might not be the finest tradition of English yachting journalism here's a bloke checking his mooring.

On a more practical note, apparently PBO will be running a feature on the new cordless hose, perfect for washing down the deck when there's no marina hose available.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Interesting boats

A couple of traditional boats spotted down in the western Solent.

I think this is a Tela previously built by Salterns, I was talking to the owner of one a couple of years ago who was rapturous in his praise of the boat. Very nice looking as well

This picture could equally have been taken 100 years ago.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Splendid Isolation

I got up early for my allowable excursion out of the house this morning thinking that it would be easy to avoid contact with anyone. It was a perfect morning, crisp, clear and slightly frosty

Good advice at the start of the river path, even though it was just after 6.00AM I passed three other people, one runner and two walkers. We all took to care to pass on opposite sides of the path maintaining a good distance, well more that the advisory 2 meters minimum.

I like the sentiment on this gate for these unprecedented times" The greater the storm the brighter the rainbow."

I'm fortunate being able to work from home using video conference and digital channels (although not without some downsides like the occasional 4.00 AM conference call). What I'm observing working both in and with global companies is that as we all race to adapt to these challenges of COVID  the world will never be the same again. What's working in the short term crisis will be adopted and evolve changing the ways we do many things in the future, hopefully for the better.

Probably a good example this morning (day 3 of lock down) I heard some thumping  around in the house and went to investigate. I called up the stairs "Aren't you supposed to be doing school work?" A smiling reply came back "Yes we're doing PE."

Stay safe and lets get through this together by being apart.

Monday, 23 March 2020


A local classic looking fantastic

Friday, 20 March 2020

Dinghy dock

I've always wanted a dinghy dock, and I guess if you have one you might as well have something spectacular like this.

I like the launching rails, but curious as to why it stops on the platform and not extend down into the water.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Beaulieu boats

Some interesting boats hauled out for the winter at Buckler's Hard boat yard. This cute little cutter caught my eye.

All wrapped up inside a custom tent type cover this motorboat is clearly safe and protected against the winter weather, given the amount of wood and varnish wintering under cover makes a lot of sense.

I've seen this boat a few times, which I think is a Jouet Golif, which was a derivative of Jean Lacombe's Cap-Horn design with that distinctive raised section to the cabin and the reverse shear.

I guess this will be a good working space when the cover goes over, nice looking boat and I especially like the picnic table not sure it would be conducive to getting much work done though.