Saturday 12 September 2015

Vital Spark

Alas not Para Handy's famous puffer, this Vital Spark is a Keyhaven SCOW on a mooring in the inner harbour.

It looks like a tidy and well used boat.

Not sure what I'm going to do once Erica's SCOW is finished I won't have an excuse to wander around Keyhaven taking pictures of boats - or at least I'll need to find a new excuse.


  1. Sorry, not a Keyhaven Scow. They are simulated clinker. Guess it is a Scow in Keyhaven! Probably Avon scow.

  2. Brian Indeed she's not Keyhaven SCOW as built by West Solent Boat Builders, but she is a SCOW in Keyhaven, semantics i know.

    Looking at the keel which is just visible at the stern and looks to be moulded she's probably a Lymington River boat built by John Claridge?

  3. Now owned by a friend of mine, she was sold as an Avon Scow but also had more recent rigging to fly a jib. She has a moulded keel - same as my Avon Scow - but neither were built by John Claridge. They pre-date his Lymington River Scows.


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