Sunday 13 September 2015

Uncle Bob's Race

Uncle Bob's race is long standing tradition at Hamble River SC, Bob was one of the founding members and sponsored a junior's race. which some of the more senior club members can remember sailing back in their teens.

The turn out was fantastic and with such  wide age range the day was split into three groups, the older juniors, the "Uncle Bob's" sailing Picos out in the Solent, while the younger children "Cousin Bob's" and "Baby Bob's" sailing courses in the river. Below Richard manages to keep everyone's attention for the briefing.

Joseph was in Baby Bob's having just completed his RYA 1&2 a couple of weeks ago, seen here checking out some of the hot competition.

In his first heat he got off to  great start, and while I'd like to say he didn't look back, at least they didn't manage to catch him as he came in first.

In the final he didn't do quite so well, his friend Archie (right) streaked in first, but Joseph came in second beating Monty (No 5217) who came in third, despite the carbon spars and sponsorship.

It was a great day for all the kids and a good start to Joseph's racing career with  first place in his heat and second overall. Oops I'm starting to sound like one of those pushy parents.

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