Sunday 31 May 2015


Hurst Castle in the fore ground,the Needles off to the right in the distance and the cliffs of Allen Bay to the left.

Take the coastal footpath out of Lymington, though the marina on the edge of the saltings west to Keyhaven, some of the finest views in the Solent, well worth a trip.

Friday 29 May 2015


I spotted this launch down in Birdham Pool marina, the chap who was working on her was the local boat builder who had restored her, but was now getting her ready for the water on behalf of the new owners.

Built in Sandown on the Isle of Wight in the early 1950's she was originally used for fishing and beach trips, but after 2 years was converted into a pleasure boat with the raised topsides added.

On the starboard side are the protective strips where she would have been hauled up onto the beach, there being no harbour at Sandown.

Even with the centrally placed inboard engine the cockpit is spacious and safe, the cabin provides some useful storage and a place to get out if the rain or maybe have an afternoon nap swinging to anchor. Pretty much a perfect boat for exploring the lovely Chichester Harbour were she is based.

Tuesday 26 May 2015


If you've been reading the Tillerman you will know that he's taken delivery of one of the first RS Aero dinghies to be delivered to the Boston fleet.

I spotted one on the Lymington river over the bank holiday weekend. Chatting to the owner this one is number 175 (they use a 4 digit sail number) bought last November, with numbers now over 500 there are boats at both Lymington Town SC and the Royal Lymington SC plus a few other clubs along the Solent including our local Warsash SC.

Apparently RS can arrange a test sail at several locations locally, but such was the owner's enthusiasm he offered me a sail then and there, alas we had no sailing gear with us.

Saturday 23 May 2015

Lands End Hard - Slipway Saturday

The lane runs past the Jolly Sailor and down to a dead end at Lands End hard, which is still in use as a launching site.

A few years ago the council put in some some sculpted oak benches in which make a nice picnic spot overlooking Bursledon pool. There's a set of scrubbing piles and the remains of an old marine railway.

Apparently the site dates back to Saxon times when there was a ferry across to Swanwick.

Thursday 21 May 2015

Something for the weekend?

If you're in Devon for the Bank Holiday you could do worse than stop off in Topsham on the eastern shore of the Exe estuary.  The Bridge Inn was always worth a visit, and while it's getting on for 20 years since I've been there, I can't quite imagine it's become a gastro pub, not least as Trip Adviser describes it as "Old inn specialising in regional real ales, plus a menu of classic British dishes such as pork pies."

But I digress, the main attraction is a photography exhibition at "The Cafe" featuring four local photographers, one of whom is an old college friend.

My regular reader may recall we started Uni when the Sex Pistols were topping the charts, and no he doesn't still use a plate glass camera. Indeed he takes some rather fine nautical scenes like the one below.

It's interesting that neither of us do anything very connected to the subject we studied all those years ago. Bonus points if you know  or guess which of the four pictured above it is?

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Some Hamble boats

Early morning mists can make the familiar seem special, I pass by these boats a few times a week on my morning run, but the still water and warm early light seemed to bring out their best side..

I'm still trying to work out what this daysailer is, I think it's a Yngling class but please correct me if you know better.

A local gaffer built in steel, always looks well turned out and ship shape.

Dazzle lives up to her name, perched on her reflection on the still water as the sun rises up over the surrounding trees.

It's great to be out in the early morning, even better to be in the moment

Friday 15 May 2015

Early Start

I had some early morning conference calls, so set the alarm but it was one of those nights when you are so concious of getting up early you can't sleep. So I took the opportunity to sneak in an early run just as it was getting light.

And what a morning it was, not a breath of wind on the water, colours so rich it was like looking at a Canaletto painting.

Sadly the quality of the camera on my phone doesn't due justice.

I got back to my desk refreshed and ready to deal with the mountain of work. I could have been catching the 6.00AM train to London with all the long faced commuters, as I all too often do.

Sometimes you just have to pause and remind yourself how good life is.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Mind the post

We had a big spring tide recently, so I took the opportunity to update my local knowledge and survey the river adjacent to Hamble River SC.

Note to self, "don't cut inside the post."

Friday 8 May 2015


Lorenzo B left a comment asking what type of dinghy Joseph was sailing in my Where did April go? post.

The short answer is a Cornish Cormorant, full details over on 1001 Boats.

Lorenzo has a really interesting blog about the John Welsford designed Pathfinder he is building and two earlier Selway Fisher Stornaway's he has built and sails.

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Waiting for the tide - Keyhaven in winter

Things have changed a bit since I took these pictures of yachts on their moorings out in Mount Lake, Keyhaven during late January.

A few boats had been left snug and afloat all winter, protected from the prevailing westerly gales by the high shingle bank and the saltings from any easterly weather.

Monday 4 May 2015

Rowing with Determination

Could  this be the next Steve Redgrave?

He might have to work on his technique, but the passion was certainly there.

Saturday 2 May 2015

Lutine of Helford

It's surprising what turns up on the midstream moorings in Hamble, you might think that Lutine of helford would be more at home in Cannes or Antigua or maybe even Helford.

Designed by Jack Laurent Giles and built in 1952 for the Lloyds Yacht Club and built by Camper & Nicholson to compete under CCA rules.

According to reports she's fast coming 3rd in class in the 2001 America's Cup Jubilee Regatta, LOA 58 feet and 26 tons.