Friday 26 February 2021

M.V. Overdraft

Close enough, always makes me smile.

Looks like a top end Broome from the 1960's, similar to Lady Beryl George Formby's boat which was on the Hamble for several years.

These were top quality boats in the day, but looks like a restoration project.

Monday 22 February 2021

Low Water Springs

 Lunchtime low water on what has been the best sunny day that seems like weeks.

There's a lot of mud out there.

Friday 19 February 2021


An interesting local classic on the hard at Emsworth and especially so as it looks decidedly modern. Conceived and built in the 1950s Bluefin is a remarkable design which contains many features we would find consistent with current multi-hull designs.

Fantastic front elevation view, looks more like an aircraft.

Close up detail of one of the offshore cockpits, looks like a great place to sail from when things get rough and wet.


Detail of the drop keel located in a nacelle on the bridge deck between the hulls.

Another profile showing the boat overall, it was difficult getting an uninterrupted view for a photo.

More details about the boat, the history and local owners. I'd like to see her out on the water.


Monday 15 February 2021

Service Venterans

Compared to the US, Canada and most probably many other countries you can't help but conclude the UK could do better in our in recognition and celebration of our service men and women past and present.

These benches on the foreshore at Netley provide a good reminder and of the local connection to D Day.

It was best photographed with the sky in background, so apologies for the 1939 - 1945 being reversed, it just looks better this way.

Friday 12 February 2021

Caddy Shack

 I've driven past this Caddy several times and finally decided to stop and take photos. I'm sure someone will tell me the year and model, I'm guessing 57 or 58?

Parked immediately behind what I think is affectionately called a Rat Rod pickup, frankly I'd love something like this for fetching and carrying stuff.

Seems like the owner has another Caddy, this one likely a 70's or early 80's model which has been converted to a pickup - very cool.

Monday 8 February 2021

Fareham Creek

On a very cold grey winter's day I had to get a couple of new tyres fitted over in Fareham, so with the whole town in lockdown I decided to keep out of the way while Gary and his team at the tyre bay got on with the work I went for a walk along the creek.

I realised that I hadn't been to this part of the creek for 30 years, back when we kept a Newbridge Virgo Voyager on a drying pontoon mooring at Hamper marine

Above looking up the creek towards the town quay. Below the old warehouse  building on Lower Quay, used to be a yacht chandlers Trafalgar Yacht Services, probably still is. 

I recall a famous yachting journalist (so famous I can't recall his name) having a total meltdown while drying out on the slipway.

Fareham Sailing and Motorboat club, I seem to recall visiting on a cold winter lunch time to a warm and packed clubhouse with a roaring fire and very nice people.

Below looking up towards the head of the creek which mostly dries.

Nice to see Hamper marine moorings are still there given the pressures on waterside development.

The yellow boat I'm pretty sure is a Morcombe Bay Prawner (or possibly a Nobbie), going back some years I knew the then owner who I recall sold her to buy an junk rigged Endurance. 



Friday 5 February 2021

Saint Nicholas Itchenor

 A chapel was founded around 1175AD and later towards the end of the twelth century the then Bishop Seffrid II allowed the chapel to be converted into a little parish church with its own graveyard.

Today Saint Nicholas's is a delightful example of a country church, sitting on a slight rise and surrounded by well kept grave yard.

The church has some delightful stained glass windows including this one which reflects the modern sailing connection.

Itchenor has been featured many times and is well worth a visit, the church about half a mile along the approach to the village at 50.7999°N 0.8665°W

Monday 1 February 2021

Winter View

Taken from the view point in old Bursledon.

 I love the way the light plays out on the water in the Solent midway between Calshot and Cowes, the whole river in winter monochrome.