Friday 28 September 2018

No takers?

Lymington salt water baths looking deserted at the end of the season on a grey Saturday with the forecast rain just starting.

Well, perhaps not entirely deserted.

Monday 24 September 2018

Poor becoming Good

About three hours before this picture was taken there was low grey cloud, rain and drizzle as storm Bronagh (our second storm of the season) passed through.

Winds were still fresh but a few boats had ventured out.

Friday 21 September 2018

Ups and downs of sailing

It was probably a nice down wind sail from Poole or Christchurch, but then just as it's time to go home the wind gets up and the way home is bashing across Christchurch bay.

For all that they didn't look too uncomfortable heading out past Hurst.

Monday 17 September 2018

Lord Portal

For a Sunday meander and with winds gusting up to about 20 knots, Joseph and I decided to sail the dinghy up river where things were not quite so brisk. We stopped off at a midstream pontoon to eat our picnic lunch where this classic Nicholson 55 is moored.

The Nic 55's were built in small numbers (around 26) from 1970, the first was built as Lutine for the Lloyds  of London YC. The Joint Services Association (Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force) owned 7  which were sailed around the world primarily by service men and women during adventurous training events, the boats being ideal for a large and tough crew.

I recall they were sold off probably 15 or so years ago.

Lord Portal has apparently circumnavigated the world 3 times, not sure if she was a JSA yacht but seems likely.

That cockpit and open dog house is fantastic, you can imagine watch keeping, safe and sheltered with a cup of tea on a cold night.

Friday 14 September 2018

Water spirits?

Twenty years ago I took a picture of Erica when we visited  the falls near Roseau on the island of  Dominica, she's the one in the middle with the good tan.

This summer not a waterfall but the source of a small river, the Saint-Pons as is bursts forth from the rock cliffs. It was clear and fresh, but very cold. Despite that we all managed a paddle around to cool down.

 Joseph was typically first in last out, maybe we've all got the gene that attracts us to water?

Monday 10 September 2018

Signs of Autumn

All the signs that the summer is over and that autumn is coming on are starting to show, we picked a huge crop of blackberries, half of which with some of grandma and granddad's apples went into making 16 jars of jam, the rest are in the freezer waiting to be made into pie fillings. The horse chestnut trees are already shedding their leaves and these fungi made an appearance over night.

No idea what they are or if they are edible or not, but they look really nice.

Friday 7 September 2018

Saturday Sailing

It was a busy Saturday, I got up early to finish some foundations for a new garden wall, then having committed to safety boat duties I missed sailing in Bursledon regatta, but managed to watch the start and get some pictures of the stage. The Hamble food festival was in full swing by the time we got to the sailing club, so after setting up the boats and getting the kids afloat it was nice to get out on the water and away from the crowds.

With the wind gusting  SE15/16 knots and a fleet of mixed experience we decided to head up river.

After a short pause for a few laps around the buoys at "shipwreck cove" we pressed on upriver. There were a few capsizes, one youngster literally just fell off the boat, but was quickly recovered by his companion. There was a bit of a nasty moment when one of the youngsters got a stray fishing hook caught in his hand. But all in all it was an adventure sail and a really good day out on the water.

Does it get much better than this?

Monday 3 September 2018

Bursledon Regatta Down Under

The theme of this year's Bursledon Regatta was Down Under so we were expecting kangaroos, shrimps on the barbie and maybe a guest appearance from Crocodile Dundee.

The Elephant boatyard had as usual gone to town with both the Sydney Harbour bridge and the famous opera house built along the pontoon backdrop.

I popped down early on Saturday morning to get some pictures before the crowds arrived, some of the decorated dinghies were looking spectacular.

Without doubt the fastest entry Australia 2 built from what looks like a converted 12m Sharpie dinghy, in the background the Whitsunday Islands come to Bursledon in the shape of a converted Opti complete with palm tree.

The morning dinghy racing was well attended, due to a diary malfunction I'd already agreed to safety boat duties at Hamble River SC so I could only watch from the shore.

A Laser Stratos mixing it up with a Wayfarer, the results are not up yet but it will be interesting to see how they got on, clearly I'm rooting for the Stratos.

As far as I can tell this was the only Hamble Star entry, great to see this local classic out on the water.

After the start the fleet drag racing down towards Mercury, the race goes down the wooded river to Warsash and back, given there are some 3500 boats moored on the river with plenty moving around on a busy Saturday there are plenty of challenges.

The evening fireworks and music were spectacular, as always a big thank you to the committee and everyone involved.