Friday 28 June 2024

Just enough

 Just enough breeze to get around,but a good day to have paddle or oars aboard.

Monday 24 June 2024


 As a bit of a recovering petrol head I can't help checking out interesting cars.

 The long wheelbase beach buggy  had the advantage of four seats and for the builder removed the need to cut out a section of the VW floor pan and weld it back together.

I really like the period mag wheels, alas in the UK there's almost no sand dunes or beaches where it's allowed to drive and certainly no desert, but as a sunny day road car it's still pretty cool.

Friday 21 June 2024

Itchenor after the races

Not having been there for a couple of years, we spent a very pleasant idle hour having a picnic and watching the Saturday racers returning to their moorings and the general comings and goings around the hard at Itchenor.

 First up the National Swallow class, 76 years young this year, since the 1970's boats have been built in GRP, the Swallow is described as a thoroughbred. Elegant, responsive, and a dream to sail.

Next up the Solent Sunbeams, Alfred Westmacott design built from1922 by Woodnutt & Co. Ltd., of St. Helens, Isle of Wight with the V insignia.

The XoD's another Westmacott design keelboat popular in the Solent

Possibly a race boat on her mooring and something quite different and quite interesting

And taking advantage of the falling tide while the racers tacked against the ebb

Monday 17 June 2024

View from the bridge

Not in fact a ship's bridge but the road bridge connecting Woolston to Southampton over the river Itchen.

 Having lived in the area for so long I'd passed by and underneath on both sides of the river but never actually gone over the bridge.

Having dropped Joseph off for a Scout activity and with both time to spare and having arranged to meet Mrs BB on the Woolston side for coffee I took the opportunity to walk across and admire the views.

 The surrounding area is very built up and upriver is quite industrial and also home to Southampton FC ground  (first two pics).

 Downstream on the Southampton side is the Ocean Village marina dwelling complex and in the distance the cruise ships docked alongside. Towards the end of the Itchen where it meets Southampton Water the car transporters load and unload

And here's the bridge 870 yards long and 92 feet at it's highest point, completed in 1977 pretty much over the site where the old Itchen Ferry floating bridge used to run from 1836 until 1977.

Friday 14 June 2024

Folk Boat Friday

Nice example of a Marieholm Folk Boat, nicely turned out for the new season.

Monday 10 June 2024


Looking fabulous for the new season up at the Elephant boatyard.

 Rinamara is a McGruer 47 built in 1968 influenced in some ways by the American  post war yawl racers


Friday 7 June 2024

D Day remembered in Hamble

The evening of 6th June saw a crowd gather in remembrance of D Day, a march from the village square assembled on the deck of the Royal Southern YC for a ceremony  led by the Bishop of Southampton and then lighting of a beacon to mark the day 80 years ago, when allied troops left these shores in the largest amphibious force in history to liberate Europe.

Hamble Sea Scouts and Explorers were smartly turned out marching behind the are area Sea Scout band at the head of the parade.


It was a great demonstration of respect, appreciation and admiration. I might be contentious by saying  one of two of the speakers were too modern in their interpretation of recent history. Those who boarded the ships and planes and landing craft and who set foot, under fire on foreign soil 80 years ago were all men, that can't and shouldn't be denied. Nor indeed should we forget that in addition to the men from Britain, America, Canada and the other allied countries, far away to the East our Russian allies launched an offensive to hold German troops on the Eastern front while our forces established a bridgehead in France. We honour and salute you all.


Double Ender

 A poor photo of a really well prepared double ender (canoe stern) ready for the start of the season.


Monday 3 June 2024

Up river

With the rain and strong winds we've been seeing for what feels like months, I haven't been to the upper reaches of the Hamble for getting on for half a year.

Between the slipway at the old quay and the mill the channel is completely blocked by two trees which presumably came down during the winter gales. A couple of paddle boarders had climbed over and were making their way up to the Botley Brewery and Hidden Tap . Hopefully these trees can be cleared otherwise it's going to restrict the floating customers.

Away from it all a fallen tree makes a popular roost for local wildlife.

I'm sure this channel marker is necessary, on the wrong side you'd almost be in the bushes.

 Another of the small side creeks blocked but fallen trees, sign of a tough winter.