Monday 27 September 2021

Jaguar 22

 The Jaguar 22 was designed by Frank Butler of Catalina Yachts, USA., in 1969 as the Catalina 22 and built in England for many years as the Jaguar on Canvey Island in the Thames estuary.

A lifting keel is operated by a winch on the bridge deck, but this one also has the optional bilge skegs which were fitted to protect the hull when drying out.

 Really nice little boat, probably one of the best of it's time.

Friday 24 September 2021

Solent Puffer?

It looked at first glance as though Para Handy has come to the Solent, but the more I looked around as this motor launch the more I liked it.

I'm still not sure about the cabin trunk, sloping as it does, but sitting in that wheelhouse on a cold or rainy day with a slow revving diesel, turning a big prop would be a good way to travel.


Tuesday 21 September 2021

Bi Chance

 Ever since I read the story by Richard Woods and friends sailing his 24 foot Strider catamarans across the Baltic to Russia, I've had a soft spot for these types of small cruising cats. Or perhaps racing cats that could be cruised.

Google didn't turn up anything about Bi Chance so no idea what she is, but assume that she sails fast and has at least some accommodation judging by those side ports.

 The reality is you can probably cruise or at least weekend on one of these, but it's more suited to an early 20 something backpacker rather than someone fast approaching retirement. Not that I'm especially included to luxury when it come to boats, but probably wanting something closer to a camper van than a tent these days.

Friday 17 September 2021

More on the gaff riggerd Westerly 22

 My recent post about the gaff rigged yawl Westerly 22 raised some interest, and apologies to Alden for my slow response to his request for more information - he posted more on his Stream of Consciousness blog.


There is a very good, comprehensive write up by Richard Blomfield on the Westerly Owners Association website and how at the age of 81, he went about converting Anna of Apuldram as a downsize replacement for the Albert Strange gaff yawl Galatea he had owned for many years.

It's only a short article but remarkable and written by someone who really knows about boats and their handling. 

 I too confess to being a great fan of yawl rig, Greta our Cornish Yawl was a great boat and really convinced me of the handiness of the yawl rig.


Monday 13 September 2021

Harbour launch

 Really nice harbour launch spotted at Dolphin Quay Emsworth.

Sadly no one around to find any details, but looks perfect for pottering around the harbour, fishing, picnics etc.

Kept in really good condition, clearly had some work done to get her ready for the season, very nice.


Friday 10 September 2021

Hawk 20

 I've always liked the Hawk 20, which has a reputation as a fast and forgiving day boat, but for one reason or another I've never really been in a position to buy one. 

A few years ago I was chatting to a couple who had just downsized from a 35 foot yacht to a Hawk and said that they were doing much more sailing in the smaller boat, which was ready to go in minutes and both easy and exciting to sail, which sounded like a good recommendation.

It might just be me but the styling is looking a bit dated, very 1980's, certainly the colour scheme probably doesn't help, nor on this case which is the cuddy version., but looks aside great to have somewhere dry and safe to stow things,

Monday 6 September 2021

Westerly Gaffer

Designed by Denys Rayner and first introduced in 1963, the Westerly 22 was one of the early popular GRP cruisers setting a gunter rig on the early boats with a sail area to displacement of 16.9. 

This gaff rig conversion not only looks pretty, but the extra sail area down wind should be very useful and the mizzen should make it a very handy craft. A topsail would be nice.

Thanks to Greg for the photo.


Friday 3 September 2021

Folkboat Friday

 looking lovely in the late afternoon sun.