Monday 30 August 2021


Some people are nervous about running engines while ashore, but the fact is while the boat is out on the hard it's a great time to flush things through with fresh water, especially with a direct seawater cooled engine. 

This pic was sent by my friend Greg taken at Netley Cliff SC, it's a 5 gallon (that's 25 liters for those on the metric system) container tied to the transom, into which the exhaust is routed using a temporary extension. The through hull log has been removed so that the water hose is routed inside the boat and connected to the water cooling pump.

The engine chugs away circulating the cooling water, very neat.

Friday 27 August 2021

First row of the season

This was way back in winter, during the lockdown. Not exactly true as I'd been working out on the rowing machine in my office all winter. But I've managed to do precious little rowing ever since this year with the pressures of too many conflicting demands on my time.

As I recall this was a fine day in prospect with light winds, so I got out early and rowed down river before the crowds started showing up.

Note to self must get back into the rowing habit.

Monday 23 August 2021

Working yards

I like traditional  working boat yards , the Fowey Boatyard is no exception, situated on North Street in the middle of town on the banks of the river. Boats are launched directly by derrick down  into the water presumably at high water.

Across the river at Boddinick boatyard, they are either getting ready for a launch or running short of space ashore.


Friday 20 August 2021

The Dibble

Perhaps a close relative of the Gribble?



Monday 16 August 2021

Fowey Bus Stop

 This always makes me smile as we arrive at the top of town, and all credit to the residents of Fowey who clearly work hard to make this so special.

We normally drive past on the way into and out if town, so I made a special effort to walk up along the Saint trail path and take some pictures.

Thank you to those involved, it's a delight.

Friday 13 August 2021

Up the creek

 Pill Creek runs eastward opposite Fowey and just upstream from Polruan. We've walked the the Hall walk path which runs along the hills at either side of the creek many times, so I decided to explore at water level for a change.

It was right on low water as worked my way up the creek, once around the bend and out of sight of the moorings it's a complete escape with nothing but wildlife and the wind in the trees to disturb the peace.

I ran out of water well short of the buildings, the old lime kiln  and quay at Pont Pill. Even in a kayak there was only an inch or so of water above the quite firm and sandy bottom.

 Sadly the creek is all to short but it was a wonderful, calm place to just sit take in the surroundings.

Monday 9 August 2021


Don't know much about Dolphin nor did google turn up anything, but don't let that detract she's a beauty.

Seen on her mooring just off Boddinick upriver from the car ferry.

The colour scheme is one of my favorites, works really well with the varnished spars. Would love to see her under sail.


Friday 6 August 2021


Mixtow is a tiny creek just a few hundred yards long on the eastern side of the Fowey river. I guess it would be described as a hamlet with a few houses and some pontoon moorings in the middle of the creek.

Very quickly you get to the head of the creek where the fields and trees come down to the water.

By the entrance just on the main river are a few fantastic houses.

And just along the fore shore a very rustic looking schooner, perhaps a live aboad

Monday 2 August 2021

The other half

  Paddling along in a somewhat more modest kayak, it was still nice to see some of the super expensive floating real estate along the river.

Above a very striking modern design aesthetic 

While speed may not be the aim, sea keeping and comfort are certainly reflected in this trawler type

Not quite a tender for the top two, but a great boat for nipping over to the Isle of Wight or generally around the Solent.

 The neighbors ashore, it's not clear who has the best view the people on the boats or the view of the boats, either are very nice.