Friday 4 September 2015

Lake Boats continued Part 3

Did I mention Dragons? Sorry they just look so great and can you think of a better place for daysailing than in this setting on Wolfgangsee

Of course being high in the mountains and with the summer high pressure winds can be light so the lakes also  provide a marvelous environment for rowing.

There was a fleet of what look like traditional rowing boats at a club near St Gilgen, we were passing by on the steamer so they were a way off, but looked not dissimilar to our very own Burlesdon Gig, I would guess about 15 or 16 feet in length..

And if competitive rowing isn't your thing, how about this? Perfect for getting out on the water and cooling down on what was a a very hot (34 degrees C) and windless day.

This traditional looking boat was tucked up behind the fire station, it's flat bottomed, abut 12 or 13 feet presumably used for fishing. I couldn't help noticing that it has a lot of similarity with fellow blogger Chris Partridge's Snarleyow Too over at Rowing for Pleasure.

And if rowing and sailing isn't your thing there were a few interesting motor boats, I just love that Chris Craft in the foreground.

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