Monday 28 January 2019

Window Shopping

Early run back from Caffa Mill along Fowey high street, nice to see the shops lit up in the winter, morning twilight.

Fowey being a tourist town has a lot of small independent, lifestyle shops, some with workshops on premise.

It's good that there is enough business to keep them going, but there are a few empty premises presumably in part due to the short season, high business rates etc.

One of Erica's favorites, selling a mix of made on premise ceramics and work from other local ceramic crafts people.

Friday 25 January 2019

Baloo of Hamble

Actually nowhere near Hamble, spotted moored on the banks of the Thames near Boveney on a cold January day.

I may be wrong but I think she was built for a couple who were members of the RAFYC in Hamble a few years ago, who cruised for a few years on the European canals and rivers.

Monday 21 January 2019

St Mary Magdalene Boveney

This little church has stood by the side of the Thames since the 12th century originally serving the barge men working  the river.

I can remember it as a child, surrounded by thick coppice, you couldn't actually see the church until you were right beside it.

Nearby just down river is Boveney lock and the weir.

The church  is Grade 1 listed and much of the interior dates back to the 15th century when the tower and windows were added. There is a small section of decorative wall painting which predate the reformation when sadly most were lost from English churches.

Unusually there are two doors, on one side the river, and the other looking out to the old village, I guess hamlet would be a better description.

Intermediately beside the church as an old wharf, little more than river bank these days, but a place I knew very well growing up fifty odd years ago, it was really nice to go back.

St Mary Magdalene, Boveney, is a redundant Anglican church now under the care of the Friends of Friendless Churches

Friday 18 January 2019

Seagull Saturday

It was so calm on the river that morning even the seagulls were kicking up a wash.

Monday 14 January 2019


Superb, aluminum, high latitude cruising yacht Qilak spotted visiting the Hamble presumably on it's way somewhere.

If you're going to sail to cold, high latitudes then a serious and tough 21m sloop is a good way to go and makes a good base for some of the remote mountaineering expeditions in those regions.

If you fancy a trip various cruise dates and destinations are available.

Friday 11 January 2019


Sorting through some old boxes I found this sketch I made in Lymington in 1984,I can remember sitting on a bench by the quay. It was my first visit to the town and must have been late October, the visitors moorings are quite empty which they would be at that time of year.

I've been taken with the town ever since.

Monday 7 January 2019

Fisherman's Walk

A timely visit to the mill pond at Emsworth gave a great view of the Fisherman's Walk causeway going out to Fowley Island in Chichester harbour.

Admittedly the island doesn't look much and indeed it's probably covered at very high spring tides, but it's location was very important to the local oyster industry back in the 19th century. Around 350 meters long the causeway must have been quite an undertaking and it's endurance over all this time underwater is remarkable.

Some good information on wikipedia 

Friday 4 January 2019

Start the year

New Year's day, settled and fine with even a little midday sunshine, steely grey broken clouds made for some dramatic afternoon views.

Winds were light but there were still a couple of windsurfers out hoping for more wind and a few paddleboarders hoping for less.

I'd already been out rowing in the early morning, but it was nice to take a late afternoon stroll along Hillhead with views across the Solent.

Earlier in the day dramatic sky on the river down at Hamble. Nice to be out in the fresh air and blow away the cobwebs after Christmas or in my case row away the cobwebs.