Monday 27 April 2015

They just can't help it

Three motor boats going up a narrow channel on a peaceful pleasant evening, one to savor and enjoy.

But no they have to race up river three abreast trying to overtake each other.

Please excuse the poor photo quality I was rolling round in the wash they left behind.


  1. The water's full of them. One has to forgive them, they know not what they do. Their children are usually to be found on the foredeck without life jackets

  2. If they fall in.....................
    that's what Darwin called natural selection.

  3. they are a strange breed. I was sketching once over at Salcombe and honest now, I watched three different large powerboat owners, moored in three different areas, spend all day....wait for it.......polishing their white boats whilst offspring jumped into little ribs and did between racing to Jack wills in town and back
    Not a life jacket in sight!
    Weird indeed!


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