Saturday 25 April 2015


One of my favorite boats on the river Rula is a Norske 35, I've written about her before.

Back on her mooring with some fresh paint and varnish, looking really good and ready for the season.


  1. Nice boat. I presume she is gaff rigged?

    That's an interesting mooring arrangement in the second photo - I am guessing that's a pontoon of some sort on the other side of Rula? ---- My own yacht is moored between two mooring piles just like this - wouldn't mind my own pontoon as well!

  2. Alden - yes the harbour master encouraged people to put pontoons in , boats are moored in pairs between piles on the river. the regulation is getting worse, a friend wanted to move a new pontoon in place, he had to apply for some sort of official marine movement approval was ending up at £500 - give me a swinging mooring any day, oh of course the harbour authority wouldn't be able to cram in sow many fee paying boats then would they.


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