Thursday 23 April 2015


I took the rare opportunity between meetings to walk along the Thames South Bank and although I've seen HMS President before, it always makes me smile.

Built in 1918 the ship originally HMS Saxifrage, was "camouflaged" by the artists Norman Wilkinson and Edward Wadsworth, the latter one of the vortist movement. The idea was to confuse rather than hide the ship, the graphic and modernistic forms will be instantly recognisable by anyone who studies art and design history, ironically described as modernist despite being 100 years old.

The modern recreation was carried out by Tobias Rehberger


  1. I think it looks great, but I am not tempted to paint my own yacht in a similar way!

  2. modern day graffiti artists are just not in the same league are they!!
    With Alden though - don't think it would quite look right on Arwen, as much as she needs a new paint job


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