Saturday 4 April 2015

The Camber

The Camber docks down in old Portsmouth is home to the local fishing fleet and has been a commercial port for centuries. On a cold winters day it's a nice place to wander around the back streets and take in the sights around Portsmouth harbour.

Across from the entrance is the modern development of Gunwharf Quay, designer shops, restaurants and bars, home to the Spinnaker Tower and some very expensive yachts.

The old Camber dock is getting pretty congested, twenty years ago it was possible to lay alongside the wall for the night even on a busy summer weekend.

Across in Gosport the old light vessel Mary Mouse provides showers, restaurant and bar and an unmistakable entrance to Haslar Marina.


  1. I would love to know the story behind the name "Mary Mouse" for the lightship!

    I thought maybe Haslar Marina was named after the great single hander but then realised his name is spelt with an E - Hasler.

  2. Alden, apparently it's names after the wife of one of the directors of the marina.

    The nearby former Naval hospital is called Haslar so I think that's where the name comes from.


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