Thursday 16 April 2015

Floating Voter?

Boats for votes or votes for boats?

Presumably the Green Party would be in a rowing boat?


  1. The Labour Party would be in a rowing boat, with all the oars on the starboard side. Plaid Cymru are all in a coracle, obviously. The SNP don't care what the boat is as long as it's paid for by everyone else, and that it's better than anyone else's. I think the Greens are just drifting, blown by the wind and swept along by the tide, because any form of motive power must be entirely natural and sustainable. Oh, yes, and they're sinking because their boat is made of banana skins stitched together with pine needles.

  2. Good metaphor - because the boat would have been inflated with hot air, the lack of visible oars are the usual broken promises and the politician sitting on the floor of the dinghy instead of on the thwart is obviously ducking for cover.

  3. The real greens with a proper understanding of politics would be on an engine-less sailing boat yuloh-ing their way from the pier into open water to get well away from the disaster we're creating for ourselves on land ...


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