Monday 10 March 2014

Warsash Whirlpool

The river path going down to Warsash is built up on a causeway which protects the saltings and a wildlife area known as Bunny Meadow.  To let the tide water in and out there are some large culverts which flow under the path.

The open end of the culverts create a whirlpool pretty much like a domestic sink as the tide flows out. We were walking along last week at just the right time to see them, about three or so hours after high water


  1. You wouldn't want to be in there! Walking there one day a 6ft length of 4"x2" was lying near the path. The child in me decided to throw it in, aiming for the whirlpool. It hit the water and disappeared in a split second never to be seen again. A child or animal wouldn't stand a chance!
    Lovely walk though, different every time depending on the tide.

  2. Wurzel - all too true, the council have put up signs warning dog owners of the danger, not sure why the warnings don't extend to humans though - ironically one of the newly installed signs was washed away within days by the big tides and gales (didn't mention those either)

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