Saturday 8 March 2014

Blogger shouting challenge

Our local DIY superstore like most retailers these days have set aside special parking for disabled drivers and families with young children. These spaces enjoy extra space and are close to the door. Joseph at nearly 5 is more than able to walk across the car park, so I tend not to use them.

Coming out of the shop with Joseph holding one hand and a load of paint and stuff in the other on a busy Saturday morning I saw a white Audi A2 pull in to the last vacant mothers with kids parking space. A couple in their very late 50’s or early 60’s got out with no kids, so as I passed I shouted out “Oh no, you’ve left your kids behind!” The woman looked amused and the man stood bemused so I pointed and continued in a very loud and astonished voice “You’ve got no kids, did you leave them behind at the last shops?”

Now clearly embarrassed, the man wouldn’t look at me, but just turned and walked off. At that point I ran dry on sarcasm so I was reduced to shouting at his back “don’t you think that’s a little selfish taking one of these spots B&Q have put in especially for people with babies?”

So fellow bloggers maybe it;s not a big deal but here’s the challenge, frankly the best thing I can think of is to embarrass this kind of thoughtless selfishness which seems all too often  to pervades our modern life these days.

What smart, witty, insulting or generally clever things would you say in such circumstances?


  1. I agree completely with you. That and the use of disabled parking spots by able bodied people dries me mad. Be proud of yourself for being man enough to bring it to their attention. Many other people would only turn a blind eye.

  2. I live in America. Some people carry guns here. So I try to avoid getting into shouting matches with random strangers. You never know.

  3. I've just read this, so it's too soon to know what to say.

    I always think of the perfect thing the next day.

  4. Hmm Tillerman makes a good point, so theoretical shouting or that which can be done via a tannoy from the safety of an armoured vehicle

  5. next time take a picture of the car showing the license plates, you'll get to give them 15 minutes of shame,,, errr I mean fame

  6. I am too slow (or coward?) to react at the very moment. My wife is the good one at harassing these behaviours. I guess she would stand at the smart guy and say: "Excuse me, you know you are not allowed to park in that space, don't you? So if you know, why have you parked there anyway? And now WE all know, why don't you take your car away?...". At least that what she usually does when someone cheats in the check-in queue of the airport. Tough girl.

  7. I like the idea of a photo then posting on your Blog.


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