Wednesday 5 March 2014

Emsworth Walk Part 2

After a pleasant lunch and just after HW we headed back to the car via the Promenade which circles around the Mill Pond, past the Slipper sailing Club (below) on the way to the delightfully named Creek End.

This yacht was clearly taking water, being buffeted by the waves being whipped up on they're way across the harbour. It was well down on it's waterline and the movement was slow suggesting that it was slowly filling, hopefully the owners got to her before too much damage was done.

Out in the moorings the boats were bounding around in the wild conditions, while those in background were safely tucked up in the marina which is well protected from the westerly's.

Our route back around the harbour path was blocked, so we took the long and safe way around back to the car.


  1. I had a chat with Syd (the harbour master) about Jambalaya - he thought that she had cracked a bilge keel but I wasn't so sure - nice boat though - an O'Day I think... either way she's gone now... and on my way home of Friday (along that harbour path!) there was a dismasted Hurley 20 in the same spot... having an interest (I own one of the same..) I had a look and happened to spot someone on board.... turned out he was Dutch and had just bought the hull for £600 - he was in the process of buying a rig from another Hurley that had also been trashed.... interesting Hurley though - you don't often see them with an inboard......

  2. Thanks for the update Steve, if that's your way home from work you have a great commute


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