Friday 21 March 2014

Silken mists outside the window

It's been a joy to go out running in the fabulous misty mornings we've had recently. The river flat calm, still and quiet.

I couldn't resist a picture of  Chouette of Mersey out on her mooring just before the early sunshine came up over the trees on the eastern riverbank. Oyster-catchers in the foreground having a good time on the exposed mud.

Above Bunny Meadow the local alpacas were out grazing, not exactly a Bursledon native, but cute none the less.


Appropriately named Dazzle looking spectacular in the low sunlight.

And the title? It's a line from a Jethro Tull song Fires at Midnight.

Silken mist outside the window
Frogs and newts slip in the dark
too much hurry ruins the body
I'll sit easy ... fan the spark

Seems appropriate enjoy the moment.

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