Sunday 23 March 2014

New Skiff

I received a email from Andrew who's been following BB for some time and has recently decided to take up rowing.

This is the fine looking boat he chose, made by Steve McColl of Cornish Skiffs, who describes the boat as follows,  "It's a lightweight hull, designed by my father (an ex flash boat racer in the 80's). It's his vision and my handy work. I work full time as a laminator and row/produce these as a side line. finished weight is around 80kg. It's not a race boat, but moves with ease when rowed well..more of a performance day boat. she draws very little water and leaves minimal wake. She gets compliments on appearance regularly".

Andrew launched on the Hamble last weekend for a row down to Mercury and up river to Manour Farm. He most probably passed me as I was working on Matilda Emilie on the reach going down to Mercury on the Hackett Marsh side of the river (western bank), my black skiff Gato Nego was tied up alongside.

Please stop by and say hello anytime if you see me.

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