Saturday, 29 March 2014

Good day for wildlife

It's been really nice recently to be able to get up early and go running in daylight, very few people about at 6.00am but the river is getting lively.

This couple of Oyster Catchers seemed to have paired off and be setting up home on the old remains of a fishing boat. It's a good spot out on the mud and only reachable by water, so it should be a safe place for a nest.

Further out I think this is a pair of Canada geese, they were quite a common sight when we lived up in the Midlands, but  there doesn't seem to be to be so many down on the coast.

A couple of Black Headed Gulls were resting at the other end of the wreck, faces turned away from the north westerly wind which was cold despite the early sunshine.

A few days before I spotted this pair of swans one white and one black, and I guess quite rare pair.

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  1. We've got all the Canada Geese you can handle, and the poop to go with it!


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