Tuesday 23 December 2014

Motor boat design

I confess to not really being in tune with modern yacht and motorboat design, but I know enough to think that this is maybe probably cutting edge in fast launch styling.

I was out for a lunch time run passing through the local marina and spotted a photo session of this fast motor boat, maybe a modern interpretation of what was called a commuter boat in the US.

The hull form is interesting with those fine bows flowing back to a hard chine which should provide stability. As for the styling, well it's certainly contemporary in the Range Rover Evoque, Star Wars storm trooper look. Hang on a minute didn't Star wars some out in 1977 when people still thought flared trousers were cool?

And don't those gull wing doors look strangely familiar?  It all seems a far cry from the Bauhaus mantra "form follows function" but I have to say I quite like it's post modernist, dynamic metaphor.

I hope the photographer managed to get some better shots than me and that you enjoyed this bit of ironic banter.


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