Friday 19 December 2014

Around the world Laser

No this isn't about the latest record attempt, the laser in question most probably sailed in some exotic locations when it traveled around the world aboard HMS Illustrious.

It's certainly well traveled and even if it wasn't under it's own sails most of the time it's a boat with a unique history.

Looking a bit sad and neglected it's up for sale, I have the phone number of the seller if anyone's interested.


  1. Hi regards the laser do you know what he wants for it? my mobile is 07711 524495 if you want to pass on or let me know his number. Thanks Andy

  2. A couple of decades ago, I visited a humble British minesweeper calling at the Washington Navy Yard. Among the sweeping gear, I saw a couple of windsurfers (maybe a Laser?) and was told that several of the crew liked to sail. I contrasted that with the magnificent tall ship Danmark. It had several fine rowing boats, but I was informed that none of the crew sailed small boats, and that was not part of the training.

  3. Almost 1 year ago I had the great honour to spend a couple of hours with the Laser dinghy designer Bruce Kirby in his livingroom talking about all of his designs and sailing experiences including the Norwalk Islands Sharpies, Olympics, the America's Cup etc . He mentioned having attended a function with the Queen and Prince Phillip along with a number of other famous Canadians and was delighted that the Queen was very well briefed on who he was. She apparently said that they knew the Laser well as they had a few of them aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. Prince Phillip had apparently quipped that the Laser was virtually impossible to keep upright!!


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