Friday 12 December 2014

Bursledon brick works - winter open day

The heritage museum which is the old Bursledon brick works  site had a pre Christmas winter open day, the weather was fine and surprisingly warm hitting 12 degrees in the midday sunshine.

It's been 2 years since we visited and the program of open day events has clearly become popular judging by the visitor numbers. There was a good turn out of steam engines, stream rollers and traction engines including the lovely Katrina above.

The Hampshire Narrow Gauge trust were running Wendy their full size narrow gauge steam engine on the "main line" and hauling packed trips on the miniature 7.5" gauge with live steam.

There was a selection of immaculately restored stationary engines, including this one running the "magic tap".

The museum is very much work in progress, recording the local industrial archaeology, there's lots of interesting rescued equipment waiting to be restored. One of my favorites is the Kibbler, there was no explanation as to it's purpose, but it's clearly powerful and what a great name.

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  1. I believe the kibbler is used to crush clay in preparation for brick making.


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