Sunday 14 December 2014

Cold Bursledon morning

By the time it got light and I dragged myself out of the house it was after 8.00 AM so not an especially early morning run, but with clear skies all night the ground was covered in a white frost.

Light rain was predicted and sure enough as I write this back at home with my morning coffee it's just started a light drizzle which is washing the frost away.

The past few weeks at work have been crazy, 16 hour days and even two all night'ers, so the opportunity to get out, slow down and feel in touch with the surroundings is wonderful, I think in Zen it's called mindfulness, taking time to experience and appreciate all the things around  you, family , our home, the changing river, winter wildlife, the pale lemon yellow winter sun starting to show through the trees, the hot warming coffee after the exertion of the run: a continuous, clear awareness of the present moment.


  1. That's too much work! Sounds like you've got the right ideas though, nature and coffee are good remedies.

  2. Way too much work Max but easy to say and difficult to avoid it
    Good idea getting out and about
    Well done


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