Tuesday 8 July 2014

Nominations for the New English Dictionary?

Now admittedly I work for an organisation renowned for three letter acronyms, where a cupboard is often called a TSU (tall storage Unit – I kid you not) but this really takes the biscuit or should I say baked confectionery tablet?

We were in the US for a week and might well have starved if we carried on looking for the restaurant or the canteen, fortunately this helpful colleague kindly translated :O)

The English language has always been in a state of flux, so I'm slightly worried that maybe I’m struggling to keep up with all this change.

Then again Erica tells me she's given up knitting in favour of fibre craft, and I’m looking at a new boat built with bi-directional organic composite.


  1. I worked fro IBM a while ago and their property services people called windows "outside awareness panels".. :o)

  2. I think a door was a spatial entry point.

  3. Thought that might provoke a few comments -


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