Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Good Drying Day Part 2

Up the Fishbourne Channel of Chichester Harbour at Dell Quay the midday low water had left the moorings high and dry.

The ground is mostly hard gavel, I say mostly as both Joseph and I managed to get muddy shoes, but for the most part it's easy to walk around and have a look at the stranded boats.

Bilge keelers are great for taking the ground, but it clearly doesn't do to ignore fore and aft weight distribution.

Despite the uneven ground this one seems to settle nicely and would make for a better nights sleep if staying on board. I can imagine watching the sun go down surrounded by the local wildlife.

Interesting keel configuration on this red sloop, it looks like a centre drop keel has been upgraded with a pair of open bilge keels, while they probably don't add much to sailing performance I wonder if  solid ones might have been better for water flow? But hey a practical little yacht.


  1. Sights like these are so UK.....I wish I had the opportunity to scrub the bottom every day!

  2. A daily scrubbing of your bottom would probably please those standing near you, Baydog.


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