Monday 21 July 2014


We took a different path walking down to the river recently and spotted this interesting price of wreckage, it's the deadwood, section of keel and stern tube. The shaft size is around 3 inches diameter so clearly there was a reasonably powerful engine.

Remains of the planking can be seen which was diagonal thin strips laid at about 45 degrees to the keel almost all of that remaining is one layer, but there was evidence of an outer layer oriented in the other direction which had me wondering if maybe this was a wartime motor boat or even a landing craft?

Given its location it may have floated up on the big spring tides we had earlier in the year.


  1. Very nice find and very fitting post title!! It would be such an interesting challenge to continue on your forensic analysis if the find and try to identify the vessel that onces stood on that keel. In this epoch of forensic investigation tv series galore it is quite funny to picture you donning white overall, special glasses and gloves to go examine the crime scene!!
    All the best, Lorenzo

  2. Interesting find. I'm not sure I would have even guessed that's what it was!


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