Sunday 27 July 2014


I've probably said it before but I don't really understand motorboats and motor boaters and I especially don't get this one, maybe if I was on my way to a fancy dress, aquatic Halloween party and I was dressed as Batman, ok would never happen but you get my point, then again live and let live.

On the other hand every now and then one comes along like Gull to change my mind. What a lovely little launch, the only improvement that comes to mind would be a single cylinder steam engine, bacon and eggs frying and kettle on as we wait patiently to raise steam on a bright, clear morning.

Ok romantic interlude over, but isn't she delightful  lovely lines brought to life by the clinker planking, that transom is about as hansom as they come. I'm also especially fond of cream and grey paintwork, it's a combination which is popular in the states and deservedly so.


  1. Ugh, that thing really is a monster. Gull's lines are beautiful, she's a very sharp looking boat.

  2. I believe Gull was the original Hamble to Warsash ferry. Thankfully they didn't paint it pink like the others.


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