Friday 14 February 2014


So where else would your love one take you for a romantic valentine's day lunch but a restaurant in a boat yard?

I booked a half day off work to take Erica out for lunch and she booked the Ferry Restaurant which is located on the Old Floating Bridge Ferry in the Elephant Boatyard.

Our stormy weather brought another howling gale through in the morning, so we arrived in pouring rain to find that we were the only people brave enough to venture out for lunch. No matter, we were looked after royally and the food was excellent, so good that we struggled to drag our selves away in time to collect Joseph from school.

If not exactly a hot date, more of a wet and rainy one, we talked about all the things we've done in the past 19 years together, enjoyed the food and the attention and each other.

Good food, interesting old boats and the one you love, doesn't get much better.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day Max. Good for you!

    Our Valentine dinner was a hot dog at Costco. But then we collected our oldest granddaughter at the train station for a four-day visit. Great stuff. We're working on 38 years together.


  2. Max, it sounds as if you had a great day.
    All our love
    Barry and Julia

  3. It is the most romantic scene I've heard for long...
    Congratulations for those 19 years!!

    Pablo de Castro


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