Friday 28 February 2014

Better weather forecasts

It is a fact that Bursledon enjoys a micro climate, as you drop down off the South Downs past Winchester you can often feel the increase in air temperature. Looking back inland on a sunny summer day it’s not uncommon to see a grey cloud line which builds in the afternoon over Southampton while at the water’s edge we’re still enjoying glorious blue skies and sunshine.

Now I don’t know how google profiled advertising works, but on my favourite weather site instead of the more normal adverts for loft ladders or deals at local marinas , just recently I’m bombarded with lingerie adverts. It might be because daughter Katy has been staying with us and doing some internet shopping, but whatever the reason it just goes to prove the point that we do indeed get better weather in Bursledon.

1 comment:

  1. Excellant. Now as long as the advertisers won`t link the costumes of the models to the weather forecast of the day
    then things should stay nice and pretty.


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