Tuesday 25 February 2014

Chouette of Mersey

I spotted this classic a while ago, but haven't had the chance to get up close with good light for some pictures until last week, so here she is.

What a fantastic sheer, those up swept bows must be great for punching into oncoming waves. I thought it was possibly a design by Kim  Holman, with that characteristic transom hung rudder reminiscent of his famous Twister and Rustler designs, were it not for the stepped coach roof. But fellow blogger Patrick has identified it as the work of Alan Buchanan.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Max. Should you ever find out the designer for sure, let us know.

  2. She is by Alan Buchanan. Apologies if I've duplicated this response, but my first comment seems to have disappeared. What a lot of nice old boats there are still on the Hamble!

  3. Malcolm White North Kent Coast4 March 2014 at 19:02

    In my Bristows book of yachts 1965 ( bought my myself as a dreaming teenager) It is listed as the East Anglian class and designed indeed by Alan H Buchanan. LOA 27ft 9ins LWL 21ft Beam 8ft Draft 4ft 6ins TM 5:5 tons Disp 3:7tons SA 275 sq ft Ballast seems wrong at 16 tons ! must be 1:6 tons: engine ST 4hp 6ft headroom in raised doghouse


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