Saturday 8 February 2014

Model Sailors

What could be nicer on a clear and sunny winter's day than going sailing, the problem is that the good weather is brought about by high pressure and a lack of wind. Down at Emsworth members of the Slipper Sailing Club have just the answer with a fleet of radio controlled model yachts.

Sailing often takes place on the mill pond right outside the club house, but these boats were sailing out in the main channel off the town pontoon.

Most were 1 meter class they are feather light but even so catching the tiny zephyrs and making way against the ebb tide was a challenge at times.


  1. Very cool! I didn't think I'd enjoy them, but my nephew has one - it was a ton of fun.

  2. ...the Slipper guys sometimes stand on the bar balcony with their controllers - must be perfect - beer and racing all within reach.... :o)

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