Monday 27 January 2014

Roving Reporter

Work has been full on (again, when did it stop) since the start of the year, which finds me in central London most days and nice as that is keeping up with things local has been difficult. Fortunately the Bursledon Blog's roving reporter (AKA Erica - Mrs BB) was out and about early on a spectacular morning to record the scene.

The sun was out early causing mists to swirl above the saltings across the somewhat oddly names Bunny Meadow

It's a great habitat for local wildlife, cut off as it is from the river and surrounding woodlands, oak trees seem to grow like weeds along the banks of our tidal rivers, these two (above) perhaps are the exception, bit too close to HW mark.

Two local residents taking in the scene and enjoying the winter sun and the respite from all the rain we've had recently.

Now if she could just row down, check the mooring and maybe give the bilge a quick pump out.....

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  1. Beautiful, mystic, inspiring landscape. It is revitalizing when the sun appears after several days of intimidating gales. Here NW Spain its getting a good share too.
    I hope she found a solid mooring and a dry bilge :)

    Pablo de Castro


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