Tuesday 21 January 2014

More flooding

Although we're on spring tides again the extreme high water and flooding of a couple of weeks ago have thankfully not returned.  Here's a few more pictures showing how bad things were around the nearby boatyards.

Hmm, might have to take the dinghy to get out to the travel lift.

Both of these motor boats appear to have their drive legs removed, I think I might be getting a little nervous if I was the owner.

This area below is part of an ambitious development of luxury marina homes, clearly they haven't heard about living on a flood plane, lets hope they get built on stilts.

The local drains had gone into reverse, which made quite a nice water feature.

The nearby ditch was turned into a raging torrent on the way down the hill, so is it the Bursledon Brook or the Sarisbury Stream?

And down at my favourite pub drinkers were in danger of getting wet feet.

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