Friday 17 January 2014


It's funny how you walk past things so often but only very occasionally stop to take notice. It was like that at Swanwick pool one day back in the summer. I run past there and along the river a few times a week, but the combination of the tide, the light and a good covering of summer weed which had settled on the mud, had all thrown the remains of the old jetty into sharp relief.

The remains can be seen running out from Shore Road where there are two houses, so presumably the jetty was constructed to provide all tide access. Below the remains of the posts are clearly visible

Further round on the other side of the pool are the remains of another jetty, following the line ashore there are stone steps leading through the trees, directly up to Brooklands, a large estate once the home of the de Selincourt family.

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  1. There's an old jetty by Hayling bridge that looks similar to that.. in the old days I'm guessing it was used by barge traffic...


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