Sunday 12 January 2014

Meeting Dylan

I've been following Dylan Winter on his sailing odyssey "Keep Turning left" exploring every creek and tidal inlet on his way around Britain, pretty much since he started in 2008. We've corresponded by email over the years but never actually met until last Friday when Dylan gave a lecture at my very own yacht club the RAFYC in Hamble.

Actually I very nearly missed it being so tied up in work and other things I never read the noticeboard or the newsletters, fortunately Erica spotted it about half way through dinner on Friday evening so I rushed off to the club just in time for the start, guiltily leaving her to the washing up.

Having watched most if not all of Dylan's films it was pretty familiar (my favourite featuring sail maker and barge skipper James Lawrence above) but no less entertaining, Dylan's a great speaker and we share similar opinion regarding excessive motor boat wash, although I haven't received any death threats yet, sorry Dylan that's the price of celebrity.

If you get the chance to hear him speak then get along, or catch up with his journey on Keep Turning Left. It was also great to have the chance to talk in the bar afterwards. Dylan was down on the south coast scouting boat yards for an old Westerly Centaure for his trip up to Shetland.

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