Thursday 11 April 2013

Things that go bump ...

Well in the middle of the afternoon!

There I was I was rowing down the river recently keeping an eye on the Bursledon Laser fleet who were out in the cold and blustery conditions.

I made a deliberate effort to keep out of the way, staying well past the committee boat and close up to the moorings, when out of nowhere I was tee boned by a Laser.

Fortunately no damage done, but by the way next time you see me in the Jolly Sailor mine's a bottle of Blanford Fly.


  1. Glad no damage done BB
    I've just returned from your neck of the woods today....was up at bucklers hard. Nice museum and interesting place. Lovely down by the river must say


    1. Should have dropped in for a cup of tea, open invitation if you're passing this way

  2. Power gives way to sail. RIght? And that includes man-powered.

  3. One for the lawyers TM, I'd done an emergency stop, the laser didn't look under his sail until I shouted at him, what happened to keeping watch at all times?

  4. I know that when I'm racing I am constantly on the lookout for other Lasers that might me behind my sail. But there are times when I "know" from my last check of their positions that those Lasers can't be anywhere close to me. Unfortunately I don't think to check for kayakers, rowers, logs, and other low objects without big white sails.

  5. I hear that the local fleet might change it;s name to the Bursledon Torches to dissociate themselves from the incident!


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