Saturday 13 April 2013

From Cyber Space to real life

Down on Lymington slipway watching the visiting RS Tera fleet, I got to talking to the chap stood next to me.

"Terrible weather, yesterday was the first time I've launched the dinghy all year, cold but a nice sail."

"What kind of dinghy do you sail?"


"Wow, me too, not many of us around."

Shake hands.

"We're in the market for an Oppi or similar, I like these." nodding over at Joseph who was scooting around the car park. "Mind you they've come a long way from the 'soap box boat'. I've been looking at an American boat called an El  Toro, like an Opti but for home build"

"What about a SCOW, they're good for kids?"

"Hmm, got one of those or rather just finishing restoring one for my wife,"

"You don't live in Bursledon do you?"

"Funny you should mention that I'm the Bursledon Blogger."

"I'm the Keyhaven Potterer, nice to meet you"

We've exchanged loads of emails and comments but had never met, Brian is a regular on many sailing blog, major contributor to the wooden boat forum and font of knowledge on boats.

We've discussed meeting up for a sail at Keyhaven with our respective Cormorants, but both concluded that between the tides and the Solent weather, planning ahead is difficult.

After a good chat, introductions to Erica and Joesph, Brian made off towards Keyhaven on the appropriately named Fat Bike - love those tyres!

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