Friday, 19 April 2013

The 5 meter aluminium tube I bought to make the SCOW mast arrived last week, so with midday high water in prospect we went down to Keyhaven at the weekend hoping that the SCOWs would be out sailing and that I would be able to see how the masts are rigged, there being wide differences between the various SCOW types.

Inevitably a few non SCOW types got in the way, but between the boats which were sailing and a good look around the dinghy park, I managed to get a few good pictures of both standing and running rigging.

Traditional wooden mast top (is it called a dolly?) with traditional rigging loops, simple to make and effective, I quite like the internal halyards as well.

A Lymington SCOW mast head, I know that because I'd previosuly wandered around the dinghy park in Lymington and all the SCOWs look like this. I suppose I could have just bought a mast from John Claridge Boats including rigging and blocks for £250, but the ally tube cost £25 so I think I might be quids in even with some fancy spectra rigging.

A modern mast with t ball terminals, presumably good for reduced wind-age and weight, bit  too high tech. There's quite a bit of damage up there which is a worry. And those internal halyards, available from Allen Brothers - did I mention that I quite like them?

No doubt a few folk will pull a face at this, but it's a lug rigged dinghy, all parts available on a quick trip to the local chandlers, very appealing.

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