Tuesday 23 April 2013

Hi Flying Rib

A friend had asked me along to look at powerboats he is considering to purchase, one which wasn't on the list but very interesting was the Hysucat, sadly not looking its best as one of the tubes has been punctured in transit.

What makes the rib interesting is the twin hull configuration with a hydrofoil set between the hulls. Sadly the picture isn't that good, but looking from the bow between the hulls the forward hydrofoil can be seen.

At the stern two stub hydrofoils are fitted between the hulls. The designers claim use of the foils gives speed with lower power requirements. Additionally because the boat is travelling on the foils it will slice through waves and chop, travelling very evenly without the pounding of a normal deep vee type rib.

Friend Mark seen here inspecting the luxury interior with Power Boat journalist and naval architect Paul Lemmer who kindly showed us around. Check out the twin 175HP outboards.

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