Tuesday 2 April 2013

Dinghy neglect

This motley collection of dinghies and tenders were pulled up on the hard the other day and left me wondering why so many British yachtsmen treat their dinghies so badly? Perhaps it;s something which is confined to the UK, certainly from our time in the Caribbean the average American yacht would be sporting a smart Carib or AB rib which you can't imagine being left and neglected to get in this sort of condition.

I know the argument that tenders left at the dinghy dock have a hard life, but come on, these relics haven't seen a hint of care and attention let alone a lick of paint since who knows when. Take the bottom example, which admittedly is a bit more than a tender, the prop seems to be missing and if there is an engine inside that box I dread to think what the exterior will be like even if the water hasn't got inside!

I guess someone will say as long as it floats what's the problem, but where's the pride in ownership or even simple economics, these boats aren't cheap to buy or replace.


  1. I kind of agree but the problem is that the better they look, the more likely they are to be nicked..... :o(

  2. I think you exagerate the care given to dinghies by US sailors. I could go down to my local harbor and take a photo just as bad. Even at my yacht club, I'm surprised by the rattyness of member dinghies. Of course, most of them are plastic and can take any amount of abuse and neglect, but the basic problem is, I think, people can't be bothered. I don't know why.

  3. Those Boats are been sold by the "Lymington Harbour Commissioners" for "Abandoned Craft Sale" by Sealed Bids which ended taoday I belive


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