Sunday 28 April 2013

Product Quality

We bought a trampoline from a well know national retailer last week, the assembly instructions were actually very good, but as it was going together we noticed that the joints were loose fitting and the 6mm screws supplied had corresponding 8mm holes.

We went in for a cup of tea only to come back to this. A bit of research showed that the 14 foot model from the same manufacturer had been subject to a product recall in the United States.

The retailer took it back without any hesitation, but we'd wasted 2 hours putting it together and another hour taking it apart, plus we had a very disappointed child.


  1. It may be of some solace knowing that somewhere someone has an equally disappointed child, 8mm screws, and 6mm holes.

  2. that thing is trippy looking! did you purchase a replacement one that went together correctly?

  3. O dock - or more likely a load of recalled stock has been dumped on a UK retailer who didn't do their home work

    my2fish - yes we bought one made by Plum, the sections and joints were much more substantial and have survived a weekend's bouncing marathon!!


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