Friday 1 April 2011


I don’t normally pay much attention to statistics around the Burseldon Blog, taking the view that I write about things I like and if people read them all well and good. But on the Blogger dashboard recently my curiosity got the better of me.

The information available is incredible, it’s possible to see which pages have been viewed, how often, which countries are viewing, even the source of viewer (presumably the previous site they visited). All very interesting stuff; and no doubt there are people who understand how to use all this information to increase the numbers of people visiting a site. But the thing that caught my eye was the page view summary for February below.

It shows how many times each of the pages of Bursledon Blog was viewed during February and what a surprise; Valentine Cookies was far and away the most viewed page – and not by a small margin, but with nearly 10 times as many views as the next most popular page.

There’s an old saying “lies, dam lies and statistics” well maybe we should add “and the truth about Burseldon Blog readership”. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to increase the readership watch out for upcoming posts on “Bursledon Bikini”, “Solent Stockings” and not forgetting “Hamble High Heels”.


  1. It is truly odd which posts are most popular. My most popular one lately has been the one with a picture of a jellyfish, purely because (I think) a lot of people get there then they search for an image of a jellyfish.

  2. It's possible the spike in traffic may have been caused by the link to your post in Naughty Underwear Monthly.

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