Sunday 10 April 2011


Even in the height of summer a holiday in the west of England doesn’t guarantee good weather, so we were remarkably lucky when we took a few days break at the end of March. While colleagues at work were still heading off to the Alps to catch the last of the snow we headed west to Fowey and were rewarded with sunshine and summer time temperatures.

Fowey was just getting going after the winter so most of the boats were still ashore but the outlook was no less delightful.

The settled high pressure brought with it clear sunny days, but in the mornings the steeply wooded river would be misty until the sun broke through, The local gig teams didn't seen to mind, here they are out early on Sunday morning rowing past the moorings under our balcony.


  1. Beautiful. We had our honeymoon near there, about this time of year 38 years ago.

  2. Fowey is lovely - hoping to go back there this summer for the Classics Regatta again.

  3. I read your west of England as "west of New England" and puzzled over "west" and "summer temperatures" - I have it together now - what a pretty place to be on the water!

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